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tv   Headline News  RT  August 24, 2013 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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president obama weighs options for military action against the massacres with no clue yet if the green lights been given while u.s. naval forces move closer to syria. syrian troops say they've found toxic weapons in tunnels used by rebels while the west blames chemical attacks on assad government. strike at guantanamo bay reaches two hundred days with inmates carrying on their protest against force feeding and indefinite detention. digital currency gets real recognition germany's government deciding that virtual money bitcoin is a legal and private means payment.
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for i am in moscow i matter as i could to have you with us here on r t our top story president barack obama and his national security team have met to consider possible military action against syria washington promising to announce its decision after looking into evidence of an alleged chemical attack in a damascus suburb which is being blamed on government forces new while the u.s. is moving naval forces closer to syria in case the go ahead for a military strike is given three destroyers currently deployed to the mediterranean according to reports of forth on its way all of them carrying up to three hundred cruise missiles more than enough to act rapidly if the administration orders a strike there is a nato maritime group also in the region which includes four more ships we take a look at the mainland the u.s. and western allies meet military presence around syria is significant or marine important as more. well it appears that the u.s. is no longer just using words to address the ongoing syrian crisis plans of
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possible military action are now being deliberated now despite the fact that the unconfirmed reports made by the syrian rebels have not been verified president obama has called recent allegations of chemical weapons being used by the syrian government a big event of grave concern now white house official says that the u.s. has a range of options and that the obama administration is going to act very deliberately in making decisions consistent with the u.s. national security interests and how washington can advance its objectives in syria meantime on friday the u.s. navy had. ship armed with missiles in the mediterranean u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel said obama has already asked the pentagon for options are in syria according to c.b.s. news potential targets include command bunkers and launchers used to fire chemical weapons now up until this point the u.s. leader has been very cautious over intervening in syria previously saying quote the
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u.s. should be wary of being drawn into very expensive difficult costly interventions that actually breed more resentment in the region unquote however one year ago obama also said that chemical weapons used in syria would be a red line for the united states and now he is under pressure growing pressure to act u.s. officials have acknowledged that there is no conclusive evidence linking syrian president bashar al assad to this week's alleged chemical attacks nonetheless a state department spokesperson has also said that washington doesn't believe the rebels are capable of carrying out a chemical attack so logically this would lead one to think that the white house has already found the syrian government guilty of the alleged chemical weapons being used in syria now the media has also played a significant role in recent days with many west. media outlets are looping very sad and shocking video of dead victims in syria while reporting that the assumption
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is that the syrian government is behind the mass killings. new reports from syria say the army has found chemicals in an area earlier controlled by opposition forces according to iranian officials the syrian government's agreed to allow a team of u.n. investigators to take a look at the area where the recent alleged chemical attack happened despite no confirmation of reports that the government has used chemical weapons international pressure on the assad regime is growing the french foreign minister insists that all indications suggest the government was behind the massacre and wants to respond with force if the allegations are proved u.k. foreign secretary william hague also said it was a chemical attack by the regime there is a similar voice from sweden its foreign minister claiming he had a hard time coming to any conclusion other than that deadly chemicals were used by regime forces turkey chimed in calling for necessary responses to what it call it condemned as a crime against humanity this as president obama called the u.s. an indispensable nation instead of the stabilizing the middle east but there's been
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no international reaction so far on the chemical findings by the syrian army or middle east correspondent paula slee reports. syrian state television is reporting that syrian soldiers found traces of chemical agents off to entering tunnels used by rebel fighters in a damascus suburb the empty shells that they found had markings on the message that they had been made in saudi arabia just a reminder that saudi arabia is very mentally opposed to the syrian president bashar assad now the soldiers started suffocating in ambulances had to be saying to the scene to assist them syrian television is also reporting that these soldiers found antidotes that are used to kill the intoxication this comes off to reports of a new attack earlier this week that saw the involvement of chemical weaponry we have heard reports that anywhere between dozens and one thousand three hundred people were killed in that new attack it has been lots of unverified footage making
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the rounds online we've seen photos of people floating at the mouth people suffocating all of that pointing to the possible use of seven gets some of the photos on line do show empty shells it does seem to point to the fact that this latest attack had this weapon we fired from rebel held areas all of this comes as u.n. inspectors are inside syria they arrived last sunday they carrying out investigations on some thirteen other reports of chemical weapon usage the e.u. in chief of disarmament arrived in the country and the u.n. team has now been tasked with trying to reach the scene of this latest chemical attack and damascus has indicated that they giving them full support and they will be helping them in whatever way they can but the reason heavy fighting on the go in that area still no confirmation about the number of victims from the alleged mass chemical attack doctors without borders saying they received around thirty six hundred patients saying they suffered from intoxication following the your ported
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assault three hundred fifty five of them reportedly did but the exact but exactly who was behind the attack still unclear despite the west saying it was the assad regime and not the rebels you're our law professor of international law at georgetown university says if the u.n. proves that it was the syrian opposition who used chemical weapons your body administration may be left embarrassed. i think if it is going to turn out to be the rebels who are using these weapons on this poisonous material the u.s. would be embarrassed because it could be allies of the us opposition to the us and supporting and claiming that these are people who are seeking democracy and rule of law and fighting corruption and whatever and in syria and this is the purpose of the regime change the u.s. would like to to prove or would like and some of its allies that it is
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the regime who has done this but this has not been independently proven very fired and without any defendant verification i think if we would take all what the u.s. president has said does not indicate that military action is imminent. and you know there's been a suicide bombing in the syrian capital six reportedly killed twenty two injured by the explosion in the center of damascus according to local media a car bomb went off in a crowded maybe christian area this is heavy fighting between government troops and rebels continues in the city outskirts. guantanamo bay has entered its two hundred day since early february many inmates have been subjected to force feeding and alleged sexual abuse president obama pledged to shut down the facility but he has yet to take action on the promise and see what the situation is looking at right now at guantanamo bay one hundred sixty six inmates there military saying thirty seven is still refusing food to protest
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their indefinite detention many of the prisoners haven't gone on trial and more than half were cleared for release years ago u.s. taxpayers are picking up an ever increasing tab for the prison operating guantanamo costing about two point seven million dollars pretty t.v. annually more than thirty times higher than similar costs at the most expensive domestic prison in the u.s. and it's all adding up you put it together you get nearly half a billion dollars per year coming from u.s. taxpayers u.s. public defender carlos warner frequently speaking with guantanamo inmates who are his clients earlier told my colleague bill dodd what's going on at the camp and why he thinks that remains open. the words that i hear from the camp are just as bad as they've always been suffering to feeding people not getting along no communication with the military so although the military is telling us that the numbers have gone down that's not the story that we're hearing we're hearing that again there's still
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that this horrible suffering going on and this is the two hundred day of this and we've heard accounts of horrific detainees treatment by the prison stuff including allegations of sexual abuse is anybody actually investigating these allegations now sexual abuse i think goes around these these searches these growing searches that they began and they did these searches obviously to keep my clients from talking to me in terms of investigation i don't think anybody's investigating that the camp says that we're doing this for security purposes but that's preposterous when you consider that the client isn't even seeing a lawyer the clients with soldiers talking on the phone entire time not present obama hasn't kept his promise to close the prison that cost millions during a time of budget cuts then the states will lose to make some are actually cleared for release so what will it take to finally close down guantanamo guantanamo is a political animal it's run by the in a phobia here in the united states and it's going to take a lot of hard work like people not only like people like me but but some people in
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washington in order to close it and right now you don't see that the president has the authority to transfer these individuals now he can do it under the current law with no exceptions and he's choosing not to do so and he's even said that there are several countries that are ready willing able to take these individuals we know there's eighty six of them that are cleared for release the president has done nothing on that yet and still to come on the program russia's far east on it rescue workers soldiers and volunteers started to protect the city of how about all of us as a massive floods threaten it on all sides the latest efforts coming to you shortly . dozens of anti-government activists gather in the streets of bahrain ten days after a police crackdown on a similar demonstration this and more after a short break stay with us.
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into the future. guns drills in georgia texas on this one show we found out why secured state may soon be a girl's best friend already can you truly machine make sure its workers slaves will design classic still has room for improvements on wheel and how to dispose of tires and improve roads in one fell swoop and she updates on. the central.
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thirteen minutes past the hour now germany becoming the first country to recognize a bit coin as a legal tender holdings of the cyber cash now subject to german tax laws and can be exchanged for other currencies within the banking system let's take a look at how big coin made its debut it first appeared in two thousand and eight when an anonymous creator published a paper laying out his ideas on how the peer to peer electronic cash system could operate since then the digital currency has gained popularity thousands of small online merchants recognize it as a major turn and i'll turn it of to major currencies the worth of individual bitcoins had in a record high this april when each was valued at around two hundred sixty dollars
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growing concerns about the effect it could have on the dollar prompted the u.s. government to investigate it earlier this month washington claims it could be used for money laundering and other criminal activities are peter all over reports from berlin. well germany and particularly lynn is one of the places in the world that has really embraced bitcoin as perhaps a new major player when it comes to world currency i'm currently stood on the floor of the trading floor of the pearl in bitcoin exchange this is where the coins can be cool for cash it's a great growing community here inside berlin and if they said guys like this dressed in the bowler hand to depict a traditional of the old london stock exchange they are holding up their thank you very much just how much they're selling their big coins for so this gentleman here selling one pick cotton for eighty five euro that's correct or incorrect ok what you do is you pay your money you get your break and that goes into a on line wallet and starts yours then to spend how you will now to find out just
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where because it's going here in berlin i'm joined by the organizer of this events are encouraging thanks very much for talking to me yes hello so in the what we've seen is from the german finance ministry that they've actually given their backing to that point haven't they at the moment it's it looks like that and i think that's a great decision because it brings clarity it's clear that it will never be illegal and hopefully they are they setting a standard and saying we shouldn't have too many rules but we should rather see how it develops just a clearly so this is because bitcoin has been accepted as a a unit of account by the german government that means they haven't said it's legal tender but that it can be made that it can be taxed actually and why do you think in particular has see as embraced bitcoin in such a way but we have many innovative people here from all over the world coming to do that but it has always been a place to try out new things i mean fit into the computer was invented a million so i think it's just natural that bitcoin is very strong here ok i did
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not know that the computer was invented in berlin they go so the latest in the crypto currency the coin it's being given in almost a green light by the german government and it's drawing people to exchanges like this in all. to try and trade them and get involved in big cooling and so it can reach out to more remote people around the world while pacesetters in germany are actively using the virtual kashmir oh was causing the netherlands some trouble housing crash rising unemployment and poor economic growth of all left holland teetering on the brink of a credit downgrade here's what our teams max kaiser and stacy herbert had to say. to the dutch of got the economic blues. private debt has got them down the housing bubble is bursting bursting bursting the economy is contract ing us there it is biting oh aunt and unemployment is rising but how is this possible when the dutch current account is positive remember the dutch were at the
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forefront of parading the likes of greece and portugal for their profit spending as an example they imposed austerity just to prove that it can be done you've got an ideology that's informing a public document financial suicide even though the evidence on the ground is clear that these policies are are horrible austerity for example has never been imposed upon bankers their costs get lower and lower and lower and lower and lower and lower that's an ideology just that at low interest rates are always is always good just like drinking arsenic laced kool-aid is always liberating. but it's not always good. the kaiser report gets its teeth into amsterdam's finances at two am g.m.t. . flood levels in russia's far east at seven meters high and arising at this
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point soldiers and civilians alike working rapidly to battle some of the worst flooding that's hit the area in two centuries. russia not only the not only russia not the only country suffering as you can see the armory river running along the border between china and russia has been hit by catastrophic weather since the beginning of summer already more than one hundred people reported dead another one hundred fifteen missing three of russia's regions have been severely affected experts say the floods have yet to peak more than half a million homes and livelihoods under threat in the far east how about how about all of us in the next twenty four hours said to be critical our correspondent paul scott standing by with more. bass is a city under threat a city on the edge of the moment water levels are continuing to rise with the peak not expected for another twenty four hours or so now is the more river so that my right that is causing all the problems it's breached its banks and is are beginning to filter through to the city now work is continuing to reinforce the city around
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fifteen kilometers worth of dams and dikes have been built like this one and they are being reinforced raised along with the water levels now despite the perilous situation authorities say that they are prepared for the worst. organizational issues are worked out it could be some setbacks but the main point is that there are new big tools lou and all eyes are work will work for the good now around two and a half thousand people have been affected by the flood so far in and around the city in the majority of those people have been housed in temporary accommodation centers the provide things such as food drinking water shelter and medicine and basically rest bite from the floods there around seventy that have been built in and around the city and sports arenas and schools for example and this resident told r.t. he simply doesn't know what to expect you know everything has been washed away firewood the second floor is already been flooded my flat is on the first floor and
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there are one and a half meters of water there i'm here now but all my furniture all my clothes are there now president vladimir putin is expected in the city and in the region early next week to inspect the damage that these floods of course but at the water levels continue to rise and they show absolutely no sign of receding it could be a while yet before the full extent of the damage is revealed and plenty more stories a click away for you online including this religious intolerance in egypt flaring up with islamists torching coptic christian churches on our t.v. the photos of the destroyed houses of worship plus. surprise entrance vacationers in a crowded beach in a row. city of shock when a russian military hovercraft slides into shore and on to our website for a video of the unexpected arrival. what do you think would be enough prize for americans and the west in general to realize that
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noting that violence is actually extremely counterproductive to our own national interests when. there are laws in. the middle east and the created the create a state. this is the best place for. good leverage surely. to build a new. fortunately. about anything tim's mission to teach music creation and why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care only. ok.
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dave a crock of well good we have to take virginia it's a little island in the middle of the chesapeake bay and of virginia. county. a rampager all in the chesapeake bay probably one of the best there is in the phone call fred. this is that your time and your island before the channel was through here. up there. as you go on. right here are some of the headstones from graves that for you this is a fruit that's that's what we don't want to happen to taint your all and we want to get some protection and make sure that we don't go into the chesapeake bay like uppers did in other communities.
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twenty three minutes past the hour a fresh wave anti-government protests has struck bahrain as thousands gather outside the capital for a peaceful march demonstrations in the kingdom began back in two thousand and eleven but human rights activist saeed yousef. says the arab neighbors may be undermining what they're trying to achieve. you know i mean. you have to keep in mind that you had enough is the one to go what. we are facing many go but it isn't easy to do what you can do but that they don't they don't want that you seek and they don't want any what they're going to see in the g.c.c. so that's why we as a behavior we want to see when you can be supported by many it was that it can be so that's why and even did the media go out of my one second to get micah to meet all the media out then broken the mike at the end some we didn't know what he's going to do that if we don't know it but it. what's happening it might get there
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because many of them are owned by. the government. so it's going to get weak as we go out and bought a bottle out of but this did we get on but you don't think the egyptian people will get it and to eat again at the. more headlines making our stories making headlines across the globe now thousands rally in the capital of tunisia calling for the resignation of the islamist led government there a coalition of opposition parties stage mass protests demanding new elections be held demonstrators took to the streets saying they're tired with authorities inability to maintain security and restart the economy going crisis erupted in july after the assassination of a left wing opposition politician. a state of emergency declared in california after wildfires sweep into yosemite national park the blaze doubling in size overnight forcing san francisco to shut down transmission lines with fears it
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could further damage its power infrastructure while the fires have also led to the evacuation of hundreds from a nearby town officials say only five percent of the blaze has so far been contained. in colombia and he government protests turned violent with at least one person reported killed in the an arrest earlier this week the country's truckers and farmers held rallies against presidential reforms they say hurt their incomes police used tear gas to disperse the crowd after rioting demonstrators threw rocks and explosives at officers this is colombia's largest guerrilla group the fark walked away from peace talks with the government. and a mass rally staged in washington d.c. marking fifty years since martin luther king jr's i have a dream speech on civil rights thousands took to the streets voicing many of the voicing concerns over voting rights a spike in street violence and excessive use of force by some police your original march in one nine hundred sixty three kickstarted the equal rights movement and
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contributed to the passing of the civil and voting rights acts. technology update with host peter scott coming up next stay with us. you know people in moscow say they're like whoa websites and facebook groups about the childfree lifestyle which i didn't believe until i saw the cover for the aug twelfth copy of time magazine yes child free is no real thing sadly basically these are people who have started a cool trend of not having children and using their time and resources completely
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for themselves you know if you don't want to have kids that is your business and i really couldn't change your mind even if i wanted to but there are people all over the internet who are just swimming in their own self-satisfaction like pigs in slop because they are part of the no kids trend the sickening part about this trend or should i see mentality is that these people glow in the door themselves for being too selfish to give their time and money to a child oh i'm the center of the universe and i'm proud of it. this is an extremely antisocial and destructive mentality to adore yourself for contributing nothing. to anyone else nothing to society and nothing to the future but wait let me put it this way if your life is shopping wearing ironic t. shirts starbucks and texting on your i phone about your stupid feelings that maybe is for the greater good the church childfree but that's just my opinion.
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exactly what happened that day i don't know but a woman killed. piers later is when i got arrested. for a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie about polygraph results. innocent people to confess the police officers don't beat people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really going in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is like meant no because the psychological techniques are more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse and they were off taking they could get what they wanted they can say what they wanted and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said.
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it was terrible a. very hard to take out. once again here is a plan by patton that had facts with that hair nothing's. going. to. play.


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